About Us

The purpose of Supernatural Empowerment is to enrich your life by helping you to discover and walk successful and profitably in your lifetime goals.

Supernatural Empowerment Is The Destiny and Enablement of the Total Man

There is a time in our lives where we are withdrawn from our own purposes, and find ourselves being established in a purpose and power beyond ourselves. For a success-minded person, it is inevitable. That dissatisfaction you feel when you’ve gone as far as you can and nothing satisfies that hunger for something more? It is that divine dissatisfaction that is the catalyst that takes and converts our natural purposes into that which is suitable for supernatural empowerment and employment. We are clothed by divine energy and enthusiasm which makes us driven to produce products, goods, and services that make a lasting difference in the lives of people.

What Natural Forces Or Resources Do You Posses?

Whatever natural forces and resources that we have available can be maximized and used for the advancement of your life and the lives of others.

All prosperity, success and wealth come from one source; and that source is God. He is to be recognized as the creator of the world. As such, all evidence of this wealth and the honor achieved in the acquiring of all real wealth belongs to God alone. Man, as His highest creation, is to honor and glorify His name through the skillful use of the wisdom that we are given to live our lives based upon the individual and corporate purposes that we are destined to fulfill. These divinely inspired purposes are to be lived out by the supernatural empowerment of an unseen God being visibly active on and in your life and through the course of your affairs, on a daily basis. That Supernatural Empowerment can simply be called the Grace of God.

Every successful leader, entrepreneur, business person, whether Christian or not, must recognize this important revelatory fact of our main purpose, and where the power to successfully fulfill it comes from, before the enablement from God can be directed into your life to supercharge your mental processes and make you the winner that your Creator has purposed for all of his creation to be.

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